Welcome to Appimage Recipes

This is a collection of templates for building AppImages on Opencode, which is part of the OpenDesktop platform.


The process of producing an AppImage file starts by creating a relocatable and totally standalone installation of your binaries. Then it’s compressed into a squashfs file and appended to a runtime. While it’s possible to do it by hand this is not a trivial task therefore several tools where created to make your life easier.

More information about the core concepts of the AppImage can be found at: docs.appimage.org

Here we cover how to use each tool to produce AppImages on the Opencode platform. Working examples are provided with a detailed documentation of each step.


To start packaging your Application as an AppImage select one of the recipes in the table below.


Recipe for building AppImage from C/C++ projects


Recipe for building AppImage from Electron projects


Recipe for building AppImage from Python projects


Recipe for building AppImage from Qt projects


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